Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Jesus Through Osmosis


On our way home from the Christian book store tonight, Jillian and I talked about Jesus and how important it is to keep Him in our hearts, and to guard our hearts so that He'll remain firmly planted there.

I always love asking Jillian about God or Jesus, her answers are so sweet. Today was no exception.

I asked her how Jesus got into her heart, and she said "When I was in your belly, He was in your heart, so that's where I got Him... and now He lives in me, and He just keeps multiplying. Sometimes, He spills out a little, but He always jumps back in."

She's so vivid in her descriptions, so sweet, my heart just melts.

She understands about Jesus, God, salvation, and heaven in such a pure, Jillian-like innocence, a pure simplicity... there was never a choice, her beliefs "just are". That innocence is precious to me, in so many ways. I treasure seeing her living for Christ every day through how she loves others unconditionally, gently, sweetly, patiently... she's one of my greatest inspirations.



Kami said...

What a beautiful description of Jesus :) Jillian definitely has a heart of gold!

The Mamma said...

awwwwwww Jilliboo is just so sweet :)

laurette said...

What sweet and beautiful innocence. I love that about kids. What a beautiful daughter you have, what a blessing.

Adria said...

I love to question Loli like that for the same reason. Nothing fills my heart like that. (((HUGS))) to my sweet Jillian.

Kasie said...

"He spills out a little"
That's too sweet.
I guess He does, doesn't He :)

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