Friday, February 05, 2010


Saw one today that I couldn't help but share... I don't know who to give credit to for this quote, but it was Tweeted by Mark Batterson, the pastor of a church in DC.

"Temptation isn't a PROBLEM - temptation is an OPPORTUNITY 2 show Christ how much we love Him."

Such truth. As much as it's tempting, I won't point out the paralells that came to mind... "Suffering is not a problem, it's an opportunity..." "Hardships aren't a problem, they're an opportunity..."

For today, I'll stick to temptation. How many temptation opportunities are we given, both bold and subtle, and what is the ratio of opportunities given, and opportunities not taken?


What if...

What if Christ had been tempted to not die on the cross, and refused to take the opportunity to show His love for us?

He was led not into temptation, but He delivered us........

How are our responses to temptation delivering our love to Him?

How are the choices we make when tempted showing Him our appreciation for the opportunity He took...

When we're tempted in our day-to-day life... to download a music file illegally, to say words we know will not glorify Him, to eat more than we should, to tell a white lie, to give in to a habit that does not glorify Him... how does our response to those opportunities reflect our hearts for Him?



TanyaLea said...

This is a great post, JD! That quote really captured me, too. It's so true... what a great opportunity to turn something that could be evil into a chance to show the Lord just how much we love Him and appreciate the sacrifices He made for us!

I often tell my kids (and myself!) that true character is measured most deeply when we are faced with a decision that NO one but you and God will know the outcome of... even if you knew you'd NEVER get caught and that no one else would ever know or find out about something... the decisions you make in those moments are a test of one's true character and commitment to God!

~ Tanya

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