Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Master's Symphony

The master holds an instrument in His hands... He has a song to play, a perfect song. He chooses just the instrument for this song he has written, an instrument he will use to play the song through.

If the instrument he chooses is not in tune to His song, the quality of the song will be greatly affected. Consider a guitar missing a string, or a violin with strings that have not been tuned... consider a piano with broken hammers, or a clarinet without a reed... consider how different the song will sound from what’s intended!

Imagine for a moment a master writing a symphony, one perfect song carried out by a multitude of instruments, each different, but each with purpose in the master plan... imagine any instrument missing, not in tune or in time, or playing a different song altogether?

Does an instrument take a bow after a concerto? Does the instrument take the credit for the way its master expertly played the melody through it?

The instrument is at the mercy of its master, trusting and knowing that the master will love the instrument enough to bring out the very best song from it.

Just as the violinist controls the violin, the Master Musician controls us as His instruments... He plays life’s symphony through you and I. We each play a part together to bring forth His song to the world. We are God’s instrument, are we in tune to the song He wants to play through you and I? Have we taken the best care of His instrument so that the song He has written for us will be pure and give glory to the Master?

Life is a symphony – His symphony -- our “soul purpose” is to be in harmony with the lifesong the Master has created for each of our lives.


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