Thursday, September 22, 2011

Do They Know?

It's universal -- no one wants to be alone -- we all long to belong to something bigger than us. Compassion children are no exception.

One of the questions I hear often through the OurCompassion community and from sponsors I meet, is whether or not those of us with multiple sponsored children have told our sponsored children that we sponsor more than one child.

Some of us have.

Some of us haven't.

We each have our own reason for sharing or not sharing, but I personally can't imagine them not knowing about each other.

All the Compassion children I met in Honduras begged to see photos of the children we sponsor, and it was interesting to see their reaction as they realized how much we loved each of our sponsored children -- it tells them that their sponsor loves them too.

Our Compassion kids know the names, ages and country of the children we sponsor. They appreciate being able to pray for one another, and some have offered to pray for God to provide financially for us so that we could sponsor even more kids. Such selfless, generous children.

Ato Sam in particular was quite excited to learn that we were helping "many children", and he offered to pray that God would increase our finances so that we could sponsor more.

God heard those prayers, and we began to sponsor the twins in Ghana, George & George. I shared about this sponsorship in a recent letter to Ato Sam, and his response was beautiful...

"Ato says he was happy to hear that two children who are twins are being sponsored by you and Tia. He says this afternoon, he was at the Project Office to write his letter, and something came to him that he became much happy. He says he was happy that you are sponsoring much children. He says he also wish that, in the near future, he can also be like you and sponsor some children.

Ato says he always prays for you that God should be your source of strength and any material that you will need in your good works. Ato says have you heard from George & George? Ato says which part of Ghana do they come from? Ato says he thanks you so much for sponsoring other children too."

Ato Sam will make one of the best sponsors someday... I am sure of it. In fact, following Ato Sam's footsteps, I've responded to him in a ltter that "It will come to pass Amen!"

It must be amazing for a sponsored child to break the cycle of poverty, and in turn lift children out of poverty. Imagine how seriously they'd take sponsorship? It does happen.

It's my prayer that one day, all Compassion countries will one day become like South Korea, once a Compassion Assisted country -- now a Compassion Sponsor country -- until there are no more children to sponsor, as each child in the world will have been lifted out or poverty's grim grip.

The future is bright for these children, so full of hope.

It's such a blessing to witness God shaping Ato Sam into a leader for his community, his nation, and this world, to see it all unfolding from God's hand, to Ato Sam's life.