Thursday, April 30, 2015

Docile's Well

Docile Duguay
June 30th, 1949 - September 13th, 2014
Photo Credit - Sebastien Benoit (son)

As you may know, my beloved mama, Docile, lost her life in a drowning incident last September. Her death has been one of the most devastating losses we've ever experienced as a family, a loss that has also shaken her friends and co-workers to the core.

Just as too much water can lead to death... so can too little.  

Half a world away, in South Sudan, a group of people from the communities of Pacong and Mathiangkok are dying, not from drowning, but from the lack of clean water.

It hurts to know that my mama’s death could have been prevented, but while it is sadly too late for her, with a little help from her friends and family it won’t be too late for the people of Pacong and Mathiangkok.

As a monument to her precious, generous life, 
a water well will be drilled in her honor
and named after her...  "Docile's Well" 

Docile’s Well will supply crucial living water to two neighboring tribes who until now, had been at war with one another as is common between tribes desperate for water and survival.  Read their remarkable story and see their photos in the link below, and just imagine Docile as one of the two women who stood up and spoke up, breaking the vicious cycle of revenge, war and killing...  and bringing forth the gift of peace and education.  In being the voice of hope, these women changed the lives of those around them and the future of their villages for generations to come.

Mama was a teacher and a peacemaker ... and Docile's Well will not only uphold the peace amongst these people, but it will sustain a primary school full of children much like the ones she taught over the years.

Time is of the essence... the well must be drilled before the rainy season begins in May - can't imagine a better way to honor her on this bittersweet Mother's Day..  

Will you join us through this link, give in her honor towards this well, and share?

Thank you...