Friday, October 21, 2011

With Love, TO Ghana: Books

In a recent post, I had mentioned sending books to our Compassion children, especially Ato Sam, to whom I've sent a book with nearly every letter.

Many of you have asked on the blog or on OC about sending books to our Compassion children. The books must fall within the correspondence guidelines, which are 8.5 x 11 x 0.25", softcover. When I send a book along with a letter, I don't typically include anything else other than stickers.

I read everything before sending it, to ensure that there is no magic, nothing that focuses on material wealth or spoiled kids, and that each book has good moral or educational value. I also try to make sure the English isn't too complex. Some of the books Ato Sam has are great for having his older brother read to him, and some he's starting to read on his own.

Given that we support 13 Compassion children, it is important to me to find great books at very low costs. Twice a month, I'll drop by the used book store and search the children's section to see if there are any appropriate books to send. Community book sales are great too.Many times, I have found great books for 25 cents, 50 cents or a dollar. Saving money on these books helps me be able to continue to send him books, AND still be able to afford to sponsor him. I've found new books at great sale prices too.

Here is a sample of the books I've sent. In some cases, the paperback version that fits the Compassion requirements weren't available online, so I've simply linked to the book itself in whatever format I could find it. I've also sent mazes, quiz and puzzle books as well.

These were great yard sale finds, 25 cents each!
The Mitten

The Hat

You Are Special - Max Lucado

The "Ten Things You Should Know" series are great -- found them for $2 at a store closing sale. I sent a few more titles than these, but I couldn't find them online.

10 Things You Should Know About Owls

10 Things you should know about big cats

10 Things you should know about Sharks

10 Things you should know about spiders (this one triggered the hilarious conversation between hubby and Ato Sam)

Polar Bear’s Home

Omar on Ice

Frog & Toad

I Love You Forever

Human Body 3d

100 Facts – Extinct (this one was a bit bigger, so I trimmed it down with the large paper cutter at work)... I found these for $2, and got the entire collection. I will be bringing them directly to Ghana rather than sending them with the letters. They are fantastic.

Aesop's Fables -- this was the only one within the max dimensions that didn't use the alternate word for 'donkey'... why do all the fables have donkeys? :)

These are almost impossible to find under $4 each, but they're great for Spanish speaking kids. They have a whole collection. I've sent similar (English only) ones to Ato Sam.

There are more, but these will do for now.

I've also sent the Rainbow Fish book to Novet in Uganda.

I haven't always sent books to Ato Sam with his letters... but when he shared about the book shortage in his village and how desperate the children are for educational resources, I began to do what I could to send books along with every letter. I sometimes send books to my other children as well, just not as often.