Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Ghana: Day 4 -- Double The Joy!

(This is one of several posts written before we left for Ghana, and is scheduled to post while we're away.
If we happen to be able to access the internet while in Ghana, we will post in addition to these posts.
If you happen to be reading this while we're in Africa, please take a moment to pray for our team, for the children we will be working with, and for our hands and feet to be those of Christ for His glory.)

Today's plans really do include double the joy, in more ways than one two! We'll be vising two Compassion centers today:

GH880, where we will be meeting the twins we sponsor, George & George (aka Thing 1 & Thing 2). To see children available from this project, look here.

GH220, where we will be meeting Precious on behalf of her sponsor, my friend Michelle from Blogging From The Boonies as well as many of her blog readers who also sponsor children here.

My boss purchased gorgeous Thing 1 & Thing 2 t-shirts for the twins. Since the boys are so incredibly identical, we plan on giving them the shirts right away so that perhaps they'll wear them and help us determine which George is George and which one is the other... George. :D

We couldn't help ourselves... we also brought along the Curious George book and two stuffed Curious George monkeys complete with giggling bellies.

Oh, the places we will go!

After sharing a meal with the twins and their family, we will travel to GH220 where many children are sponsored by Michelle and her friends. It is our hope to meet as many of the sponsored children as possible, in addition to the pre-arranged meeting of Precious and her family on behalf of Michelle, who will be meeting them in June of 2012 (God said it would come to pass, amen!)

At the end of the day, we will return to the capital in order to prepare for our travel to Lake Volta the following day. Please pray for safe travels, as transportation in Ghana has been known to be dangerous.