Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ghana: Day 5 -- Back to Accra

We awoke on Wednesday morning in Accra at the Niagara Inn.  Lest you conjure up images of the idyllic Canadian/U.S. honeymoon destination with Jacuzzis in each suite, let me describe this experience to you.  Our driver, Sylvanos, had not been familiar with any of the three accommodations we had suggested, nor was he familiar with the Baptist Guest House where Touch A Life had arranged a room for us. 

He led us to the only part of Accra he knew. 

Think...  uhm...  Harlem. 

The first place we tried did not have internet, and considering that we had no way to reach any of our contacts other than internet, having internet access was crucial.  The second place he took us to, the Niagara Inn, had internet, but charged ridiculous amounts for the rooms.  By this point, it was late, we needed to reach our Touch A Life team in order to travel to Kete Krachi, and let everyone back home know we were safe, so we agreed.

While we were unloading luggage and arranging to pay the driver, Debra was accosted by a man in the lobby of the hotel.  He tried to kiss her, which she didn’t appreciate.  Joshua wanted to defend her, but at 13 years of age and 5’9”, he would have been overpowered quickly by this man.  The incident was enough to convince us to stay locked together in one of the rooms that evening until everyone else in the hotel had gone to bed.  

The rules in the hotel added to the atmosphere, specifically the part about not “entertaining guests” in the rooms.  That, along with the dubious stains on the bed, really added to the ambiance.  Answering Joshua’s questions made for an even more entertaining evening adventure.  Sexual education, developing world style.  Nice.

We connected with Touch A Life in Texas and explained the best we could where we were, so that they would let the Ghana team know where to find us in the morning.

That morning, we met the Ghana team at Touch A Life when they came to our hotel to meet with us and establish a plan to get us to Kete Krachi.  Since it was already morning and we would have had to leave at 2am or 5am to get to Kete Krachi, we decided it was best to stay in Accra on this day, and to begin our travel to Kete Krachi the following night from the Baptist Guest House. 

George Achibra Sr’s daughter came to pick us up and bring us to the Baptist Guest House, and helped us purchase a cell phone and find a place to eat.  Then, we were on our own until 2am, when we would get picked up by our driver to take us to Kete Krachi.

That afternoon, we took the opportunity to arrange our luggage so that the donations for Kete Krachi would be in one suitcase, and the rest for our time back in Accra at the other children’s home could be left behind until we returned. 

The rest of the day was spent showering, resting and getting in touch with family/friends, as well as blogging.

 Yay for running water, indoor plumbing and showers!