Friday, November 18, 2011

Ghana: Day 10 -- Tasting The Joy Of Freedom

It had been hours, and we had not yet heard this young boy's voice.  Unusual for us to see a child so quiet, especially surrounded by boisterous children his age.

We were still concerned about Innocence's fever, but knew that she'd be taken to a medical clinic the following day.  

In time, though, he began to smile...  the transformation was nothing short of magnificent, such an incredible gift for us to see, so soon after his rescue.

The best, though, was saved for last...  just before we left, this was the scene we saw before us -- a boy being goofy and silly and learning to taste the joy of freedom.

Patrick, sitting silly in his seat, giant steps closer to being a typical, fun-loving boy.

When we came to say goodbye, he ran to us with the other kids, talking to them, translating things for them, and our hearts rejoiced in seeing him fit in so well, not having been able to tell that just yesterday, he had been a child slave, and today was the beginning of his freedom.

Please continue to pray for Innocence's health and adjustment period... and for the children still awaiting their turn.


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