Thursday, July 22, 2010

Glimpses of Honduras

In addition to helping with school fees, supplies, uniforms and shoes when necessary, Compassion provides extra-curricular tutoring to children in the Compassion programs.

This is a small classroom I saw at the first project we visited, in the village of Pueblo Nuevos (HO311). There's something so warm and inviting about this classroom, I love the way the daylight softly falls on the walls from the window up above.

I kept closing my eyes and seeing it full of children eager to learn and stretch their minds to their dreams.

Can you see those children in your minds too? Can you hear them?


Shebecomes said...

I love this! I love learning, and I can totally see and hear the kids doing just that.

Amanda said...

You visited HO311! That's where our Sharon is! We began sponsoring her in April and her first letter is literally on its way to our doorstep. This picture gives us a beautiful glimpse into her world...thank you so much!

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