Sunday, July 04, 2010

Update On Justin

I am deeply touched by your prayers, concern and interest in Justin, the sweet little boy I met on Monday, June 28th. I wrote about his family in this post...

Many emails have poured in to our team, asking if he is still available for sponsorship, if a sponsor has been found for Justin, and expressing interest in sponsoring him.

It is with great joy that I bring you this update...

The next time you see a photo of Justin, there will be joy in those eyes.
A sponsor has been found.

In this inner city project, there are still over a dozen registered children in need of sponsors, children living in extreme poverty much like Justin and his family. His entire neighborhood is at risk. I have walked through the alleys of this makeshift slum, I can't begin to put into words what the living conditions are like. Sponsors are needed.


While in Honduras, I learned something that I wasn't aware of. If a project finds sponsors for all the registered children, more room is made to register more children from the neighborhood. Children like Melvin, who looked longingly from outside the soccer game.

Children who need that light of hope in their eyes.

Children on the outside, looking in, waiting for their turn.

Thank you once again for your amazing support and prayers during this trip. It has been deeply felt.


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