Monday, July 05, 2010

Honduras: Unanswered Questions

We were standing around the gate at the Miami airport on Saturday, June 26th, waiting for our next flight. Aaron asked me what my expectations were as far as what I hoped to learn in Honduras. The answer was fairly simple... whatever the Lord would have me learn. The purpose of the trip would be in His hands, completely.

In the end, I found many answers to many questions in Honduras. Some of them were answers to questions I never realized I had, or perhaps answers I never thought I'd find... but there are a few questions left unanswered.

How does a parent with many children choose the one child they will register into the Compassion program? How does a parent decide which child will be blessed? How does a parent tell the other children why they weren't chosen, why they can't attend the project?

Look at your own children... Which child would YOU chose?

How does a sibling feel when they see their brother or sister come home from the project, thriving, healthy, happy, clean and well taken care of?

The answer is simple.

I just don't know.



Kasie said...

wow. I couldn't imagine having to make that choice! Thank you for what you are doing there. Thank you for making a difference by raising the awareness.

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