Thursday, July 15, 2010

You Know You're...

You know you're a Compassion Advocate/Sponsor when...

... the kids check the mailbox and call you at work in a panic, yelling "Something's wrong, there's nothing from Compassion today..."

... when your husband talks about "Office Space" with his buddies, you envision an office space in your home as a Compassion Corner for all the correspondence and advocacy stuff.

... previously mentioned husband's main concern is that he'll lose a percentage of his music studio to the Compassion correspondence binders that are accumulating alarmingly fast...

... to avoid that reality, previously mentioned husband has allowed for the computer desk upstairs to be turned into a Compassion Corner.

... your kids know that when you receive anything Compassion related in the mail, they must call you immediately.

... while praying for the children still waiting for sponsors on Compassion's website, you create a new online game to play -- memorizing the children's photos that appear four at at time on Compassion's sponsorship page, and clicking on the one whose name, country and info you can recall from memory... and then starting all over again with the next four. You win the game when you recognize and remember information for all four.

... when the opportunity to travel internationally comes up, the first thought you have is "Is this a developing country served by Compassion?"

... when someone asks how many children you have, you're tempted to respond by asking "do you mean just in Canada?"

... you carry photos of your Compassion children in your purse, and realize you don't have any of your biological kids... oops!


Michelle ~ Blogging from the Boonies said...

Ahhh, so true!

Anonymous said...

I had to laugh out loud in regards to the last part of your post. I have my two compassion children's pictures in my wallet, but not my biological children's photos!!


JD said...

LOL Kelly! I understand!

I have managed to have wallet sized photos of my children printed so that I can have them with the wallet sized photo cards of our Compassion kids... Whew... I feel a little better. LOL!

You know you're a Compassion advocate/sponsor when you can relate to most of these and add a few more!

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