Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Ghana 2014: Art Auction #1

Our family is raising funds to build a library in Enyan Abaasa, Ghana, the African village in which two of our sponsored children live. This project is being done in partnership with Compassion Canada, through whom we have been sponsors since 2005. 

My 12 year old daughter Jillian is a budding artist who loves to experiment with all kinds of art. The idea was tossed around to do an Art Auction as part of our Ghana Library fundraiser. Since it's a great way for her to contribute to the fundraising, we are giving it a try. We will auction off a few paintings at a time, and hope to have several auctions throughout the year.  I've enjoyed watching her paint so much that I gave it a try too.  It was a little frightening!  :p

The paintings will be offered auction style. The starting bid will be listed in the photo description, along with the painting size. If you wish to bid on an individual painting, please do so in the comment section of that particular painting(on the Facebook Auction album. Be aware that you may be outbid, so check back often.

This auction set will be on the auction block until May 11th, 2014 at 11pm AST, at which time the winners will be announced. 

Click here to see open the auction album:  Ghana 2014: Art Auction #1

(Sneak Peak...)

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to let us know.

100% of funds raised will be allocated to the library fund. For more information on our project, please check out our BLOG POST or our FUNDRAISING PAGE

Thank you for your prayers and your support... please share this auction album amongst your family and friends! 

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sunday Joy

Our His Hands Support Ministries Philippines team are in the Philippines this week getting updates on our programs.  In one particular village, they stopped for lunch and as they ate, they noticed a young man sitting nearby.  The young man sat alone, head down, not looking at anyone, but the joy on his face was unmistakable.

Familiar with his story, the local pastor, Pastor Chris, shared it with the team.  This young man lived a fairly typical life in his small village in the Philippines.  Lovingly raised by a woman known for her love of the Lord, his only desire was also his greatest delight -- to read his Bible and attend his home church.  This was what rooted his joy in the midst of the poverty and hardships that dogged him his entire life. 

His life was typical, except for one thing.  

He contracted meningitis, which left him hearing impaired and suffering from persistent seizures.  Without medication to control his seizures, he could no longer read his Bible or attend church.  Unable to afford this medication full time, the decision was made to ration and prioritize it drastically – their priority was for him to have access the medications at the least on Sunday mornings – so that he could attend church and read his beloved Bible.  The rest of the week, he often goes without and greatly suffers, but his Sunday joy sustains him considerably.

Whatever you did for the least of these, you did it for me, says Jesus. 
It doesn’t escape any of us that this young man’s name is also...  Jesus. 

 (left to right, Jesus' mother, Jesus, and Wendy)

Moved by his situation, the team is sharing his story in hopes of finding help for this young man.  The cost for Jesus to receive daily doses of medicine is $25/month -- less than a dollar a day.   We are seeking sponsorship(s) for this young man in any amount up to and including $25/month, simply to cover the cost of his medicine.  We desire to see him live life to the fullest, and to experience his greatest joys without obstacles. 

Until we find a loving sponsor or sponsors for Jesus, we are accepting one time donations in any amount, no amount too small.  A starting pledge has been received in the amount of $32, which will help him for the next five weeks until more long-term funding can be established. 
To make a one time donation, please use the general donation link on this page.  Indicate "Jesus - medication" in the notes.  To commit to the sponsorship of Jesus, please contact jamie@hishandsforthephilippines.org

Please share this story to help us find provisions for Jesus.