Tuesday, June 08, 2010

(Not) About Me

This is supposed to be my "About Me"  page...

But it's not.

I just can't do it.


Maybe we've known each other in person or online, for months or years... or perhaps we've never crossed paths until now.  Regardless of how we've met (or haven't) each day, my life becomes less about me, and more about Him.  He is Who I'd like you to meet in this blog, not me.   

My life isn't mine to have, it's His.

Why would I give Him my life?

How could I not?

He found me, completely broken, a prisoner in a pile of life's dirtiest rubble years ago. He was the author of mercy and grace... my only hope. He plucked me out of the filthy pit, loved me back to life, cleaned me from the inside out, lent me His strength... And then He made me an offer I couldn't refuse....  

He said "pick up your cross and follow Me... "

This is the story of what He's been working on since. This story is His.

It's not about me.