Saturday, June 26, 2010

Counting Hours

I'm no longer counting days until my trip... I'm counting hours.

This is it... I feel as though I've waited for this my entire life, prayed for it for over a year, prepared for it since March, and here it is...

In a little over 5 hours from now, Mom will be dropping me off at the airport so that I can begin my travels to Honduras.

My first mission trip... it's already been life-changing, and I haven't left yet. I can't even imagine how I'll feel as the week progresses, but I'm eager to discover what God has in store.

I appreciate the prayers and support you've blessed me with throughout the last few months, and I'm asking that you continue, especially in the weeks to come.

Some specific prayers:

I know my family will do fine without me while I'm gone, but my prayers are for them to be patient and understanding when I head home at the end of this trip. It will be an adjustment period all around.

This has been a difficult few weeks for a very close friend of mine, and I ask that when you pray for my time in Honduras, you also pray for her to be comforted, uplifted, encouraged, strengthened, filled with hope and most of all, for her to feel God's overwhelming presence touching every aspect of her life. She will need these prayers in the weeks to come, please join me in bringing her needs to the One who will provide in every way.

For my focus to be clearly on His face this entire trip.

Pray for me to be focused on God as He leads me to find sponsors for these children, including the five child sponsorship packs I still have left... that I will leave no stone unturned, and that no opportunity will be missed.

Last but not least, pray for my walk with Him, that I may live a life that pleases Him to the very end... that all that can be seen on me is the holy dust of His footsteps just ahead as I follow Him. More of Him, less of me.


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