Monday, June 14, 2010

Holding On While Letting Go

God bent down, His presence whisper soft yet intense, serious, as he leaned into me to place a priceless treasure into my hands, into my life. One whose value can't be expressed or contained, whose beauty defies words.

My hands extended eagerly to Him to receive this treasure, breath held, hands shaking, heart quivering... Really? Really? Why me?

"Why not you?"

I don't understand, but I accept... I know that this treasure belongs to Him, and He has entrusted me with it. I make a vow to Him to protect, guard, nurture, love and cherish this treasure... to honor Him with it. In the journey with this treasure, each day, the value increases, the love, the joy, the beauty... life changing.

The value, once His, has become mine too. This treasure is now priceless to me.

The vow comes intensely, fiercely.

"Lord, my eyes are on You, give me what it takes to honor You with this gift. I will lay my life down for this, for You."

And so the battle begins....

Following Him relentlessly as He leads me to care for what He has placed in my hands... leaving no stone unturned, freefalling... wanting to hold on to this treasure, yet knowing it is His, completely His...

The time is not mine, but His. I only know that time is of the essence.

I must learn to trust Him.

Completely trust Him.

With my life.

With this treasure.

Seeking Him.

Completely dependent on Him.

Trusting Him with the treasure He has trusted me with...

Trusting Him as He teaches me to hold His treasure with open hands.

His hand gently covers mine, the treasure held between He and I, safely, securely... such an intimate dance of love, of life, of trust... holding on while letting go.

"Why won't you just let the treasure go?" I am asked...

He is testing me. He knows the secret to keeping my hand open to His is this:

"I will never know anything else but His hand covering mine. He knows the treasure will be in my hands until my last breath; I won't be here when He uncovers my hand... I will be Home."


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