Sunday, June 27, 2010

We're Here!!

We're safe and sound in Honduras!! What a great experience so far!

I wasn't able to connect to the internet last night, and we're leaving for church in a few minutes, so here's a very quick recap, with a better post coming later tonight.

After a three hour wait for luggage in Toronto, I met up with the group that had gathered at the gate, and started getting to know everyone. They're funny, down to earth, and they have a passion for what we do -- it's been great being with them.

We had been praying for a delay for the last flight, so that the rest of the team from western Canada could make the connection at the airport, and we were blessed with a delay of at least two hours. Perfect!

At the Honduras airport, the lineup for immigration was, shall we say, long? Over an hour later, we were through, and meeting with the local Compassion team. That's when it began to feel as though we were in a pep rally! Everyone was so excited! Our hosts are great, very helpful and so kind. It's wonderful to hear Spanish spoken all the time, and to see the people of Honduras in person. I've had a heart for Honduras for a very long time, it's nice to finally be here!

We had a ton of fun getting all the project gifts together last night, these children are going to be SO blessed!

By the time we got to bed last night, it was nearly 3 a.m. New Brunswick time (near midnight, Honduras time). I look like I haven't slept in about a week, but I feel like Tigger and I'm ready to bounce out the door this morning...

Today: Church, sightseeing, project visit.

Will be posting tonight, with photos.

Much love... thank you for the prayers and support, they're so important!


Shebecomes said...

Cant' wait to see the pictures and hear the stories!

Our Family said...

So glad you are arrived safe and sound! May each day be a bigger blessing than the one before.

Kasie said...

glad you made it safe & sound. Can't wait to see & hear more!

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