Thursday, June 16, 2011

Heaven Is For Real -- Review

I was recently offered the book "Heaven Is For Real" in exchanged for an unbiased review.

Heaven is for Real: A Little Boy's Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back by Todd Burpo and Lynn Vincent

Heaven Is For Real is the story of a young boy who, in the course of an emergency surgery to save his life, takes an unexpected detour through Heaven. His family hasn't realized his adventure until he began to describe it in bits and pieces over the next few years. His revelations and descriptions lead them to believe that it was unmistakable -- their son had experienced Heaven.

Beautifully written in simple language injected with light hearted humor, Heaven Is For Real is a page turner that is read with surprising ease, considering the intensity of the topics discussed.

I most appreciated the way it caused me to pause and reflect on my own feelings about Heaven. In fact, I decided to take a week or two after initially reading the book in order to give it much thought, and in the end, my conclusions always came to the same point:

While the book gives no reason for me to suspect it's authenticity, I have little interest in knowing what Heaven will be like. Yes, as a Christian, I'm homesick for Heaven, but until I am Home, my focus is on the path God has placed before me, my only goal is to finish the tasks as He gives them to me. The only thing I need to know about heaven, I already know... Jesus will be there. I can not imagine noticing anything else about Heaven in His presence.

The characteristics of Heaven aren't the reasons I seek Him... I seek Him because of His character. Whether Heaven is beyond beautiful and amazing or it is a dirt filled pit of endless nothingness... it only matters to me that He is there. That is sufficient.

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