Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Update: It's a baby..........

In a recent post, I shared the exciting news about the new Child Survival Program sponsorship available for moms and babies from Rwanda, Bolivia and Bangladesh. This sponsorship program is unique in that it can begin before the birth, continue through infancy, and then transfer to the Child Sponsorship program once the child reaches the age of 3. It gives a whole new meaning to lifelong relationship!

In the profile I had been sent, the information on the baby hadn't been included because at the time the profile was created, the baby hadn't yet been born.

A quick call to Compassion today solved that issue...

It's a..... BOY!!!!

And he is Oh-So-PRECIOUS! Look at his sweet face!!

This sweet boy was born on April 29th, 2011, and his name is Nyibisubizo. I dare say his name probably translates to PRECIOUS in any language, really! Oh, those cheeks!

If you're interested in sponsoring this precious boy and his mom through this amazing sponsorship opportunity, or if you'd like more details on the new CSP Sponsorship Program, please let me know. (JD at BeyondMeasure dot me)


De said...

He is absolutely beautiful! I pray he and his mom are sponsored soon.

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