Tuesday, October 11, 2011

With Love, From Ghana: Sweet Devotional

Back in the spring, I had written a devotional for our Compassion children and sent it to them as that particular month's letter. The devotional explained what maple sugar trees are, how they are tapped and how sweet syrup is produced. I included some photos that I had taken of the process from up close.

The end of the devotional explained that as a child, I had felt bad for the trees that "got hurt" (tapped), but that later in life, I had learned to see the entire process as a reflection of a Christian life. Jesus was pierced, He had to endure much hurt even though He was innocent and pure... but that in the end, it was through His death that we were given the sweet gift of life. Much the same, when we endure hardships and difficulties, those very hardships and that process can be used to glorify God and bring the sweetest of treasures. Example, the life of Joseph (and the multicolored coat).

Ato Sam was the first to respond to the devotional. In his letter dated Aug 29th, 2011, he shared:

"He says he thanks you for the maple tree which show how the liquid were collected.

He says you always encouraged him through your letters. He says at first, he was not getting what you are trying to say, but now you have made [sense]. He says he has learnt a lot from the maple tree's story. He says he has understood that sometimes, you need to go into difficulties then God will raise into Glory. He says the first day that he heard the story of Joseph, he became very sad. He says he did not understand why should Joseph suffer while God is with him. He says finally God used pains and the bad condition that Joseph was in to bring glory to God.

He says he believes God loves you so much that is why he has made you like Joseph. Ato says you taught him a lot and God bless you."

Your letters to your child are priceless -- never underestimate the impact you can have by simply sharing your spiritual walk with them, and discussing what God is teaching you. Grow in Him, together.

If you would like a copy of this Maple Syrup Devotional, or if you're not sure what to write to your child or how to get the conversation going, and you'd like a sample of a typical Compassion letter sent to our Compassion children, please don't hesitate to ask -- jd@beyondmeasure.me

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