Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Gift Of Community

Suddenly, it was no longer the Maker's Dozen.

Every few months, I would make a call to Compassion's headquarters and quietly inquire about Berling, the child from Nicaragua who captured my heart back in June.  Time after time, I learned that the child whose photo I still had, unable to let her go until she found a sponsor, was still waiting for her answer to prayers.

Those prayers were answered this week when I learned that a sponsor had finally chosen her among the sea of faces waiting their turn to be chosen. 

Strangely, I had been prepared to commit to her had I been told that she had not yet been chosen, but deep down, I knew she was not meant to be mine.  I am not her sponsor.  

Still, as I rejoiced in the news that Berling had been sponsored, I felt that all too familiar stirring, this time with a twist.  

Reflecting upon the blessing of being supported by this community, as I have been so well loved and supported by the many friends God has brought to this blog...  I thought of Kwagala, the child sponsored by Michelle's blogging community, and how beautiful it is to know that this young woman is surrounded by the love of an entire group of sponsors who love her and support her through her difficult situation.  She had been chosen by many, and is loved by many.  

It became clear last night, quite suddenly, that God had chosen a child specifically for this blogging community too.  Although I had many child sponsorship packs in hand, I knew the one God had chosen wasn't among those.  I began searching, eventually going through hundreds of profiles before I knew beyond measure that I had found the one.  

Initially having no idea where this child would come from, thinking that perhaps God would have me sponsor a child from somewhere new to me, I was actually surprised to find that He had led me to a child from Ghana.  I knew the moment I read her profile that she was the one, and then I looked at the country and grinned with disbelief.  Really?


Victoria is 14, and faces some special challenges.  Crippled in both legs, visually impaired and in need of regular medical care, I knew that like Kwagala, this beautiful girl with such a peaceful, sweet face would benefit from knowing that she had a group of people lifting her up in prayer and support.  She has five siblings and lives with both parents just north west of Accra, an area we're familiar with.  

Involvement in this sponsorship is voluntary -- you will know if God is leading you to step forward and take part in this gift of community.  Whether you would like to commit to $1 a month or $5, or whatever the amount, however often, you will be able to take part in sharing in this blessing.  How it works is well described by Michelle, I will simply point her way.  If you have any questions/concerns, simply let me know.  A one time donation can also be made.

Contributions can be made through the Paypal button on the sidebar for Victoria's sponsorship.

Thank YOU for the support you've given me through the years... may it flow into Victoria's life and lift her up as she soars to her full potential.