Thursday, October 04, 2012

Home For Haiti Support Letter - Nov 12-18 2012

God has grown and challenged me through the mission field in the past 12 months.  Ghana in November of 2011, where God provided the resources to shelter up to 100 rescued child slaves and blessed the negotiations to release 2 children from slavery.   Cameroon in February of 2012, helping with school and water development projects for children and communities living in extreme poverty.  

Priceless experiences and growth, but carrying the Cross has a precious cost.

While the faraway mission field had made a significant, life-(and-faith)-altering impact on me, my home mission field was about to suffer a serious blow.  I came home from Cameroon to discover that my spouse had not only lost his job, but worse, had chosen to leave our family/marriage.  With our family irrevocably restructured and the income halved, to say it has been a year of loss would be an understatement.  That is why I had not anticipated God being willing to use me in my shaken, stumbling state, to go to the faraway mission field once again and serve Him by faith.   In time, yes, but now?  What could I offer in this season of loss?  How could I be the hands and feet to the broken when I, too, felt just as lost and broken? 

God told me the same thing He told me when we faced raising $30,000 for Ghana’s rescued child slaves…

“I’m not asking whether you can do this.  I already know you can’t.      
I’m asking whether you trust that your God is sufficient in this.”

My answer was an apprehensive, subdued, yet faithful “Yes”.  Over and over again, God uses the weak – like me. My life has changed, yes, but God Himself has not changed – and that’s why He calls me once again.  I will trust and serve Him.


In November of 2012, I will be traveling with my 11 year old daughter Jillian as well as my best friend and Ghana team member, Tia, to the Les Cayes region on the South West shores of Haiti.  Our primary project will be to provide a home reconstruction for one family so that their home will become a dry, secure safe haven. The Castel family lives on the outskirts of Les Cayes with extended family in a house that is crumbling around them. They have 3 young children, one of whom has disabilities. Medgina suffered brain trauma at the age of 3. Now 11 years old, she has repeated Grade 2 several times, and is yet unable to reach past this grade level academically due to the learning disabilities and memory loss caused by the brain trauma. Jillian is Medgina’s sponsor, and also suffers from learning disabilities as well as autism, and like Medgina, struggles in school and in life.  Unlike Medgina, Jillian has a warm bed and a safe home to sleep in.  We seek to bridge the gap and provide relief for this family, and at the same time, grow Jillian’s heart for the mission field.


Beyond the home restoration, we will be serving the needs of the community that surrounds Medgina’s family, distributing school supplies as well as seeking to tend to the needs of the “restavek” child slaves and orphans in the area, much as we did in Ghana.  We will simply be God’s vessels, led by Him, seemingly empty, but pouring out from His abundance, into the lives of the people of Les Cayes and Torbek in Haiti. 


Prayer, first and foremost.

$825 for the home reconstruction
$900 for Jillian’s travel expenses (including immunizations, passport, flights, transportation, food, lodging)
$750 for Jolaine’s travel expenses (including flights, transportation, food, lodging)
$750 for Tia’s travel expenses (including flights, transportation, food, lodging)
All funds over and above this will be poured into the needs of the Les Cayes and Torbek communities.

We are currently at 30% of the funds raised!!

In Canada, tax-deductible donations can be made by cheque, cash or Paypal.  For payment address and instructions, please contact 

CANADIAN Paypal payments can be made using this link:  

In the U.S., tax deductible donations can be made to our organization, Worldwide Relief of Children in Captivity (WRCC) through the PayPal button provided on my blog sidebar at:  
Donations can be accepted this way from anywhere, but receipts for PayPal transactions on the sidebar link will only be provided to U.S. residents.


We have taking this trip on our own, not through any group or organization. This trip is ALL about faith. We are already growing through this, challenged and stretched by what’s ahead, and learning to completely rely on God.  While there, we trust God to keep us safe, provide our resources, guide every single step, lead us to every need He will fill through us, and to teach us through the people of Haiti.  This isn’t “our” trip nor “our” plan, but His – and yet through this, He will not only serve the needs of His people in Haiti, but He will invest into our growth and our lives.  Will you invest in us too?

Please be in prayer for this trip and for God’s provisions to be sufficient, even overflowing.  We urge you to pray for our safety! We are aware of the potential dangers and are asking God to surround us and supply security as we serve. Haiti is a place of unrest, disease, spiritual warfare, and extreme poverty.  It will be unlike our experiences in Africa.  Much more importantly, Haiti is a place of hope and healing… for them… for us.

We ask that you continue in prayer throughout the days ahead, and while we are in country.  Your prayers and support are vital to this mission.  If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to let me know. 

In His grip of grace,

Jolaine (JD) Richardson