Friday, May 09, 2014

Jeya's Jar

It seems so fitting that this small jar would typically be used for preserves -- something to contain and protect food that sustains and gives life.

Right now, this one contains only small change...  but there's nothing small about the change it will make.

This is Jeya's Jar - a small jar our women's Bible Study group uses to collect spare change for Jeya.  Jeya is a widow who  takes part in the Family Support program through the His Hands for India ministry.  As an elderly widow who is raising her grandsons, Jeya struggles to make ends meet.  She is willing to do hard labor whenever she can, but between her aging body, meager wages, and scarce work, there seems to always be a gap between poverty and her basic needs being met.  This places her in a high risk situation for trafficking and bonded labor.

She didn't need to earn much to make ends meet.  A mere $20 would comfortably cover her basic needs of food, shelter, and transportation for the month.

When we started gathering as a Bible Study group, it was suggested that anyone willing to share their blessings with Jeya could bring a bit of spare change each week for Jeya's Jar.  At the end of each month, we would send what we had gathered to Jeya, knowing that even if it didn't quite reach a month's support, it would still be a blessing.

It seems unthinkable -- that $20 a month would sustain her financially and keep poverty from clawing at her heels.

Small change when you have over a dozen people, and a month to gather it...
... big change when it's placed in God's hands for those in need.

The jar holds exactly one cup...  a cup of water in His name?  We counted April's blessings this week...  we had enough to cover exactly one month, plus a spare bit of change to begin our new month with.

As our lives are transformed by God through our Bible Study group...  Jeya's life is transformed by God through our group too.

Do you have a small group?  Can we challenge your Small Group to create a change jar too?  Our Bible Study group will only be meeting until the end of June.  In the meantime, we would like to see more groups join us in Jeya's Jar initiative so that her sponsorship fund can grow to support her long past the next few months.  

For more information, or to join Jeya's Jar -- please contact

Thank you...