Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Our Compassion Family

You won't find a family resemblance.

Our last names don't match.

We live in different corners of the world.

And yet...  we are family.

These are the children God has entrusted to us via sponsorship with Compassion International.  I would love to introduce you to them to you...

Bessy is from Honduras, my mother and I have co-sponsored her since 2005.  She is our first Compassion child.  I met her on July 2nd, 2010, and it was one of the most memorable experiences I've ever had.  She was born in 2002, she is inquisitive and full of love, and we cherish the relationship we've been blessed with over the years.

Caleb, Ecuador

Leo, Indonesia

George, Ghana

I was delighted to meet George and his brother George, (yes, twins!) in Ghana in November of 2011.  They were TINY for six year olds...  we easily scooped them up into our arms and carried them around for part of the day.  Such snuggly, quiet and delightful little boys!  They were born in 2005.

Tahameena, Ghana

Tahameena is from the same Compassion project as Ato Sam.  

We also had the opportunity to meet her in November of 2011 in Ghana.  
She is one of the quietest and most poised children I've ever met.

Victoria, Ghana
Victoria is sponsored by a group of readers here at Beyond Measure.  
Together, we support and encourage this young lady through our letters and sponsorship. 

Alexandra Maytee, Guatemala

Our first child from Guatemala -- as well as our first blonde hair, pig-tailed little girl!  
She reminds me of the young Olsen twins.  The expression on her face makes me smile!

Maryuri, Honduras

This sweet girl was hand-picked for us by God.  Her birthday is the same day/month as my younger brother's, and is also the same day/month/year as the passing of my grandfather, my mom's father.  My mom had simply asked me to help her find the oldest available girl in Honduras that we could co-sponsor... and this is the girl that Compassion "randomly" sent to us.

Maaata, Ghana

(Photo not yet available)