Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sea Glass In The Sand


Originally written in 2005...

Sea Glass

On a recent trip to a beach on the southern shores of Nova Scotia, I found a beautiful cobalt blue chunk of sea glass. With the intent to keep it as a trip souvenir, I placed it in my pocket.

Subsequent visits to beaches near our home revealed more sea glass treasures. With soft shades of green or white, along with the occasional amber or orange, or my favorite, cobalt blue, our collection grew with each new visit to the shore.

In little time my love of sea glass took on new heights, and I become more intrigued. Where did it come from? What did it used to be? How many years had it rolled around in the ocean before finding its final resting place? Who had it in their hands...?

In so many ways, sea glass reminds me of our journey in God's care. We are born, as fragile as glass, and then tossed into life as a bottle might be tossed into the ocean, with a message and a purpose. Years of being seasoned by the waves and the sand takes their toll, but in the process, a beautiful treasure emerges, shaped by the elements and experiences that life has brought.

Unique, beautiful, and colorful. God never loses sight of where we are, and He always knows just when we'll be ready to rest on the shores of life at the end of the voyage. Once there, He will hand pick us and bring us Home.



Tami said...


Your analogy is BEAUTIFUL and oh so true....I actually got all choked up reading it!! I'll send you a link to another blogger friend who forwarded me his beautiful perception of sea glass...I think you would appreciate it.


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