Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Goodbye Socks, Hello Honduras!!!


My relationship with Compassion Canada began five years ago in May of 2005 at a Geoff Moore & Mark Schultz concert at our church. My best friend, my mother and I had come to hear Mark Schultz, but we were moved to hear Geoff Moore speak of his first trip to Haiti. Through recounting his experiences, he taught us what sponsorship could do, and reminded us of the Gospel teachings to take care of the poor... mom and I knew that we had to do what we could.

I was not working at the time, so sponsoring a child was out of reach financially. My mother offered to financially support one sponsorship if I would help her with the correspondence. I can't thank her enough for being willing to do this with me.

That's when we started sponsoring Bessy, a little girl from Honduras who stole our heart.

This May, we will celebrate five years of having sponsored Bessy.

I can't say this without completely choking up...

This June, I will celebrate those five years of sponsorship by meeting Bessy in person, in Honduras, while on a Compassion Advocate Tour of Honduras...

It took years of prayer, but less than 24 hours for God to reach deep into my heart and pull out three cherished dreams, making them a reality. Not only has He made it possible, He has made it abundantly clear that this is what He would have me do for Him.

To know that He didn't have to...

Yet to know that He wanted to.


Kneeling in praise tonight,
In worship,
In awe...

Head bowed in a prayer of gratitude,

And barefoot... without a hope of ever finding the socks that God blew off my feet this past week.



Mallory said...

I repeat...this is amazing. Praying, friend. <3

Adria said...

absolutely amazing! I'm thrilled for you!

Kami said...

What a complete blessing! I'm still thanking God FOR you! He really does work for the good of all who love Him and do His works!

You are blessed, my dear!

Melanie said...

in awe of God's sovereignty. unbelievable, yet oh so believable when it comes to my God!

Sarah said...

Oh my goodness, JD -- what a FABULOUS OPPORTUNITY! I'm so glad you're able to meet one of your children! I know how much you were hoping to be able to do that. Did you ever reach out to my friend, Jana, about Guatemala. She said she welcomed the opportunity to speak with you about a country and a people she loves so much. Praise God for His abundant provision.

TanyaLea said...

I'm SO excited that you get to meet your sponsor child! Some day I hope to meet our Nicolly. We have been sponsoring her for nearly 3 years now.

Oh how I can't wait to see what God is going to to through this trip and experience! I can't wait to read your posts and see the photos that follow.

You have a beautiful heart, JD. I'm so humbled by your love for oprhans...and people in general. In spite of all of this, you still found a way to give to our cause, as well. Thank you, dear friend. It means the world to me. Thank you and may God richly bless you in return!! <><

love and hugs,
~ Tanya

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