Saturday, March 20, 2010

Make It Personal

You've seen them on TV... the children with dirty faces, sad eyes, and threadbare clothes. Children living in devastating poverty, in need of proper nutrition, health care and education. Children desperate enough to pick through garbage for survival.

(Photo credits, Jennifer McKinney / "MckMama")

Perhaps you've watched the entire show, moved, but unsure that one person can really make a difference. Does your sponsorship really change a life? Are these children real, and do they really need our help?

Six Compassion Bloggers recently flew to Africa along with four trip leaders to answer those questions for us. You can't always believe what you see on TV, but Compassion International's work is real. And so is the need for sponsors.

I encourage you to read their posts, like this one, and this one... will you? Will you make it personal?

The things is, though... when we're simply on the outside, looking in... when we're witnesses called to action but not yet in action...

It's not personal.

It's not relational.

It's not enough.

It's not enough...

It's not enough to say "someone else will help them". That someone can be you.

It's not enough to say "but I can't afford $41/month". The majority of us have enough if we're honestly willing to part with it. Is a life worth a coffee a day? A meal in a restaurant? What would you be willing to give up to save a life?

It's not enough to say "I can't." God doesn't call the equipped, He equips the called.

Will you trust Him and take the step forward to release a child from poverty in His name?

Will you live simply so that they may simply live?

Will you consider releasing them from poverty, so that they can release you from wealth?

(Photo credits: Jennifer McKinney, "MckMama")

Will you..........

Consider sponsorship?

If you live in Canada, click HERE
If you are in the U.S., click HERE



TanyaLea said...

Thank you for bringing light to these children. We sponsor a little girl through Compassion and it is so neat knowing that such a small amount is so life changing for her! If only 7% of those who 'profess' that they are Christians would answer the call, there would be NO orphans to speak of. So imagine if only of fraction of that percentage answered the call to sponsorship... lives would be changed beyond comprehension!

God bless you, JD!! <><


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