Monday, May 31, 2010

Hats Fingertips Off To Henckels!

While on my recent trip to Ohio, I purchased a 7" knife for slicing meat to make homemade beef jerky. I had Elizabeth with me, and knew that with her culinary brilliance and experience, she would help guide me to the best knife for my needs.

She's pretty sharp...

And so is the Henckels knife I purchased.

I thought my knives were sharp... after all, they cut stuff and they worked fine, didn't they? It wasn't until I used this new knife that I realized how dull the blades on my old knives were.

How did I find out?

First of all, the knife cut through the meat like a heated knife through butter.

Second of all, it cut off the corner tip of my finger just as easily as it cut through the meat.


(Rejoice in knowing that although you all likely prefer posts with photos, this won't be one of those...)

Brandon is sitting with me as I hen-peck type this post with a hand and a half, trying not to make a bloody mess on my new laptop... he's a little concerned that I will go into shock again. I'm unfazed and focused as I'm talking about this post with him, hoping to teach him the analogy that I'm seeing in this.

It's only when the new knife was compared to the old ones that I realized the truth -- that the old ones hadn't been working very efficiently. Due to the fact that I am not used to having knives this sharp, there will be a learning curve there as I adjust to the truth of how sharp this knife is... To ignore the truth I've been shown could lead to danger, pain, suffering, and even missing body parts.

What if this is like our walk with Jesus? Perhaps we think we're cruising along just fine as Christians until we feel the sharp double edged sword of The Word telling us that our lives for Him are in need of sharpening... that our hearts are dulled and not as effective as they could be? What if we were to just keep going as usual, not adjusting our ways to accommodate the truths He's shown us? To not heed to His warnings would be to place lives in danger, to risk pain and suffering not just within our own lives, our own bodies... but to the body of Christ.

The body of Christ needs all the parts sharpened and intact in order to fully function.

Bottom line is, when it comes to Jesus, don't cut corners -- off your fingers, or off your relationship with Him.


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