Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Meet Noah

We have welcomed another one of God's precious children into our family through sponsorship!

Please meet Noah. He is 8.5 years old, just a month younger than our daughter. He lives in Kenya. Noah lives with his mother, and has six siblings. He loves to play soccer, and so do we! He had been waiting for a sponsor for 444 days... 444 is a long, long time to wait for sponsorship. I would love to be there when he and his family receive the news that the wait is over.

We are his, and he is ours, and God orchestrated it all. He joins Bessy (Honduras), Lizbeth (Bolivia) and Suwanna (Thailand) in our Compassion family.

This is the first boy we've sponsored, and the first sponsorship from Africa. The kids are SO excited about Noah! We haven't received his information package and photo in the mail yet, but we'll have our first letter ready to send tomorrow... we are so eager to get to know him and his family!

If you sponsor a boy of a similar age, what kind of things do you like to send with the letters?


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