Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Beautiful Bounty

boun·ty (bount)n. pl. boun·ties
1. Liberality in giving.
2. Something that is given liberally.

When I mentioned my trip to Honduras to my co-workers a while back, they expressed their eagerness to help gather up supplies to donate to the Compassion Child Development Centers we'd be working with in Honduras. They certainly didn't have to, but knowing they wanted to really touched my heart. They understand the joy of giving, especially when it comes to children.

Have I mentioned what an incredible team I work with?? They are amazing!! Want to see the beautiful bounty they've brought?

Kids love to color... they'll love these!
(Ppsst, they even have the sharpener in the back
of the box -- how sweet is that?!)

Pencils -- essential!

For Pretty Ponytails...

Super Duper Stickers!

A dozen skipping ropes!

Bracelet Beads!

Playground balls -- bounce 'em, kick 'em, and just play 'em!

Shiny Smiles, anyone? Say cheese toothbrushes!!

What's that? Oh you're right!
The children will be smiling extra hard when we visit --
we'd better bring a few more toothbrushes....
How about... this many? Perfect!

Shiny Smile Scrubby Stuff! :o)

And so much more... !!!!!

What a blessing to have such a beautiful bounty to bring to Honduras... Couldn't have done this without my team!! This is so appreciated, and will be appreciated by the Compassion team in Honduras.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you to all who contributed!!


For updates on the trip, be sure to follow us here :o)


Our Family said...

an incredible bounty, indeed!

Michelle ~ Blogging from the Boonies said...

A suitcase filled with love and joy! What could be better!

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