Friday, June 25, 2010

Seeds Of Love

Why would He choose to love me?

Why would God choose to bless this season of my life with such an abundance of passion, vibrancy, beauty, hope and love -- His love poured in to the point of overflowing?

Why would His blessings bloom for me, once one of the most broken, shameful, dirtied, filthy, ineffective, bitter and impure weeds in His vineyard?

Does He not remember the shame of my past, the error of my ways, the disgrace I have brought Him, the life I had?

I had been a seed dropped among the thorns on rocky soil, not producing a proper harvest. How did He bring me from that, to

The answer came to me tonight as I looked at a photo from a recent trip to Michigan...

"The soil at the foot of the cross is the richest soil there is."

At the foot of the cross, you'll find the fertilizer of the past, laid down as an offering.

You'll find the decay from death of self, offered in sacrifice to the Vinedresser.

Add to that the dirt of sin shed there in return for the gift of redemption...

At the cross is where I left all of who I was,
and let Him shape who I would become.

At the foot of the cross, where His love poured out...

That's where the seeds of love grow best...

And that... is how His love grew in me like seeds of a dandelion,
deeply rooted and growing in the unlikeliest of places.

Seeds of love that just can't be contained...


Michelle ~ Blogging from the Boonies said...

Beautiful post! :D

JD said...

Thank you, Michelle! It's amazing the message God can leave in our hearts from a simple photo of the heart inside a dandelion.

I've used the soil at the foot of the cross metaphor several times since -- it helps me remember to stay there.

Thank you for dropping in! :D

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