Friday, May 27, 2011

Freedom for 116 Children

What a tremendous time of progress in the Lake Volta area of Ghana. Our dear friend George Achibra called and wrote 2 weeks ago to share with us that 116 children have been recently rescued from slavery in the Lake Volta area. These children, some as young as four, had been sold into slavery by their parents.

What is different about this rescue operation is that 28 slave masters were taken into custody, sending a strong message to the other slave masters in the area that slavery has serious consequences.

Of the 116 precious children rescued, 20 are in the care of George. While I am celebrating their freedom, I am also aware of the increasing resources needed to care for these children.

Please continue to provide prayer and support for our fundraising for the children's 3 classroom unit. While the fundraising goal has not changed (it will still only take $30,000 to build the school) the need has increased, it's more important than ever for this to be built.

We have created a new blog button for our Ghana project. Please feel free to circulate it!



Michelle ~ Blogging from the Boonies said...

How did I miss this post? I am thrilled to hear of so many children being freed! Praying for their spirits to be healed.

De said...

This is definitely something to rejoice about; yet my heart is still heavy. De

Anonymous said...

Praise God! George is just slapping those giants right in the face, isn't he? :) I know God is going to use you to help bring healing in those children's lives. Oh, and I added you button :)

P.S...this is Becca from SheBecomes. I can't leave any comments on Blogger when I'm signed in, guess they are still having some glitches.

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