Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Opportunity Strikes!

There is something all Compassion sponsors have in common – we all do a “Happy Dance” at the mailbox when we receive an envelope marked “Message From Your Sponsored Child”. Our family even takes guesses as to who the letters are from before they are even opened. We often read the letters while gathered around the table at meal time, discussing what we’ve learned through our Compassion child’s letter.

With talks of a Canadian postal strike happening in the near future, there may be an interruption to the letters we receive from our Compassion children. While that is disappointing for us, the thought that the letters the children receive could be affected is an even greater concern...

Read my Compassion Canada guest post to see how opportunity "strikes" in this situation!



Jill Foley said...

Would you consider writing a guest post for Compassion Family - sharing how you include your family in the sponsorship experience?

You can email me at fiddlejill(at)yahoo(dot)com and we can talk more.


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