Thursday, January 26, 2012

Back-To-Africa: Cameroon 2012

Back in early November, I learned that I had been awarded with a trip to Cameroon to join a team building four schools in remote valleys of Cameroon.

I had misunderstood the nature of the award -- it was a subsidy, not a sponsorship.  The airfare is fully funded, the project is fully funded, but I must fundraiser to provide for my in-country expenses and travel visa document.  Estimated cost for 2 weeks is $800, including travel visa document.

Since there are only 17 days left before I leave, there is little time to fundraise.

I have decided to do a Back-To-Africa Photography Sale/Fundraiser.

Check out the Facebook Album where the photographs (and one photo session) are available for sale.  Limited quantities.

Your prayers and support are greatly appreciated!