Saturday, February 04, 2012

Family By {His} Choice

We no longer sponsor a Maker's Dozen. 

Our Compassion family grew in 2011... first George & George in April, followed by Tahameena in July.  Thirteen seemed to me to be blessed (on any day of the week, lol!).  

Surely we were at our limit.  

Surely God laughs when we think this.

In December, three more children were added to our Compassion family.  Don't ask me how that happens.  Ask Him!

Victoria was introduced in this post, and today, I would like you to meet Maryuri, our sweet girl from Honduras.

There is no doubt that God chose Maryuri for my mom and I to sponsor together.  

It started in December...  My mom had been missing her dad very much as the holidays approached.  It had been 13 years since his passing, and the holidays always made the loss especially tender.  Perhaps intuitively knowing that it would bring healing as grief is often softened when reaching out to others, mom had asked me to find the oldest available girl from Honduras. 

I asked my Advocate team leader to help, and a while later, the child pack came to my house just as I was about to pick my mom up a few days before Christmas.

As soon as I saw the child pack and read it, I immediately called Compassion and told them that this would be the new child for my mom and I to sponsor, and I added her to our account.  No hesitation.

I quietly gave my mom Maryuri's child pack when I picked her up, and gently told her "Meet your new child..."  I also shared that my present to her this Christmas would be my pledge to continue financially supporting our co-sponsored Compassion children should she, at any time, find herself unable to continue to support them financially.  She had been concerned about being close to retirement and committing to a child...  

But when she saw Maryuri's profile... she broke down and cried, knowing God had chosen her for us, and that He would provide, as always.  He would not only provide financially, as always, but also provide healing.

Maryuri's birthday is the exact day, month and year of my grandfather's passing, as well as the same day/month as my younger brother's birthday.

It was a while before she could speak through the tears.  

It was a while before I could see the road again clearly.