Saturday, February 04, 2012

Princess Pockets

At first, I didn't see her name.  All I could see was her sweet, infectious smile...  there are few things brighter or purer than the joy of a child.

Eventually, I pulled myself away from her photo long enough to learn more about this sweet girl.  That's when I saw her name and giggled -- oh, such a fitting name for the daughter of the King!

In no time, I was drawn again to her photo and caught a glimpse of something red.

I took a closer look, and wondered:

What DOES a princess carry in her pockets?

I shared the photo with someone, and she guessed "frogs".  I giggled at the thought!  I think my son Brandon would love to become a prince to a frog-pocketing princess...

My guess would be giggles, but I'm guessing this one's giggles would likely be hard to contain.

Hubby thinks princesses carry hairbrushes in their pockets.  With Jillian being his princess, that makes sense!

It's likely that Joshua's guess would involve Coca Cola.  That would account for the color red!

I have NO idea what Jillian's guess will be, except that it will probably turn into a post of it's own...

What say you, oh friends?  
What does a princess carry in her pockets?  
Leave a comment with your best guess!

Winner gets an 8x10 scripture photo print (perfect to send to your sponsor child or to frame!)
Jillian will decide the winner based on the entries received by 11pm EST on Feb 9th.
Two free prints to the one who decides to sponsor this little girl!

As for this princess, she needs a royal sponsor, one that will treat her like a princess!  

(And someone who can ask her what it was she was carrying in her pockets that day!!)
If that sponsor is you, please respond quickly before my willpower collapses....  oh that smile!
A sponsor has been found!!  My friend Steph, who sponsors Prince, the little boy we visited on her behalf in Ghana, now sponsors Princess too!  A Prince and a Princess!!  <3  SO excited!