Thursday, February 09, 2012

It's a.... first!

It seems that it's raining blessings in the form of babies throughout our Compassion family.  Lizbeth, Justin and Suwanna's mammas were all expecting recently.  

I've been eagerly waiting to hear news of the safe arrival of their new brothers or sisters.

When she had announced her mother's pregnancy to us through one of her letters, sweet Suwanna had promised to send us a photo of the baby as soon as he or she was born.  Her excitement and pride in becoming a big sister again was clear as she shared the news.

Although she had promised, it was still a sweet surprise to receive the announcement of her sweet little sister's birth.  With pictures.

I have to say, it's the first time in all the years we've sponsored that we've ever received a birth announcement, much less one with photos!  How exciting!

Here is the beautiful family...  (her dad works in the rice fields, he wasn't available for the photo)

Suwanna's adorable younger sister, beautiful Suwanna (in pink) with her hair starting to grow back, Suwanna's loving mom, the precious new babe, and Suwanna's handsome older brother.

Introducing "Koon" (they also spelled her name Coon in the letters).

I am so excited for Suwanna and her family.  What a joyful blessing!