Sunday, September 04, 2011


There are some exciting changes taking place for Canadians who sponsor through Compassion Canada. For some time, sponsors in the U.S. were able to access their sponsorship accounts online. Canadians now have that option as well through

It's still in the stages of development, but any sponsor with a Canadian sponsor # can sign up.

Through, you can learn more about your child's family, community and church, as well as his or her hobbies/activities, along with photos and a listing of all correspondence shared between you and your child.

When I logged in today, I saw that even though I have just received a letter from Ato Sam in Ghana, I have another one on the way to me. It was logged on September 2nd at the Compassion office in Canada, which means that it is now on the way to our house. I will not stalk the mailman, I will not stalk the mailman, I will not stalk the mailman... I will simply get the kids to stalk him for me!

In looking through the profiles of our 13 Compassion children, I saw that there were photos of our Compassion children from the years before we began sponsoring them. It's like a glimpse of a child's lifebook from the years before they were grafted into your family.

Novet has the most photos from years past:

Perhaps in time, we will be able to download the full size .jpg files from this online source so that we can have these printed.

All in all, definitely two thumbs up. What a great resource for all Canadian sponsors!!

Thank you, Compassion Canada, for giving us the blessing of having access to this information!


Caitlin S. @ YouAreHere said...

HeeeeeEeEey! I'm a US sponsor, and my account page isn't nearly as cool as yours is! No past pictures, no letter tracking... color me jealous!

This is really nice, thanks for letting me peak in on your account.

Bev Sykes said...

Wow...I want to move to Canada! I wonder how come Compassion US hasn't adopted this really cool idea!

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