Saturday, September 17, 2011


Ten years ago today, at 00:16, an itty bitty little girl was born into this world, five weeks early and white as snow. So quiet and still, but even before she made her very first sounds, she had already answered her mamma's prayers.

Born the youngest of two older brothers, our world would soon become a sea of pink.

Today, a five foot tall girl is sprawled upon her bed in her "Daisy Chain" yellow room, red hair tangled wildly upon her pillow as she sleeps, pale freckles sunkissed across her nose. Days of being quiet and still long gone, as she sleeps to restore her energy before bouncing back into her busy butterfly life, chitter-chattering endlessly from morning 'till night.

Remembering the prayers for a girl, for the sea of pink, I see God having answered those prayers as He always does, beyond measure, for the sea of pink was too mild a dream, too small to contain the outburst of color medleys He would splash into our lives through Jillian.

Happy 10th Birthday, my purple flamingo, my JilliBoo, my Cindy-Lauper-Junior, my God-loving, geocaching, singing, adventure and road-trip buddy extra-ordinaire. You live life beautifully -- to the fullest -- you have overcome SO much... you inspire me.

I love you so.


Teena said...

Happy Birthday to you girl! I am so thankful for these girls who encourage, inspire and love us!

I am so thankful for you, JD!

Much love,

Claire said...

Happy Birthday! (my older brother's bday was yesterday) Hope you have a great one!


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