Friday, September 16, 2011

With Love, From Ghana: Creepy Crawlies

In a recent letter to Ato Sam, I had sent him an educational book on arachnids/spiders, and kind of joked that he must never show or mention this book to my husband, because he is deathly afraid of spiders.

Ato Sam's response had us all chuckling:

Ato says that he was amazed to learn that his father T is afraid of small spider. Ato says 'Are the spiders in Canada different from the ones in Ghana?'

I read this to T, who plans on writing back to Ato Sam that yes, spiders here are as big as dogs. Ato Sam will LOVE it if T teases him the entire letter, telling him of how horrible and huge spiders are, only to finish at the end with "teasing.. they're no different than in Ghana, I'm just afraid of them, just like you are afraid of snakes!" :)

Oh, the fun!!


Caitlin S. @ YouAreHere said...

Haha! I really enjoyed this post, thanks for sharing. I love being able to get a good sponsorship conversation going through the correspondence...and it seems to work best with my Ghana child. Currently we've been holding a 5 month conversation about the Kakum National forest field trip she took.

Oh, and spiders...I'm not down with them either, but I grew up among brothers and knew better than to let them know it(or else be tormented by so many more spiders). I can hold a straight face, and sometimes I can even kill them without squealing, but inside, I'm still squealing and running in circles, and shaking like a crazy person. Now that I'm adult, I inform others that they will be handling the spiders, not me.

Teena said...

Haha so funny. Love seeing the relationships grow between us and our sponsored children.

My Alyssa was reading on your blog last night and she was looking at your "compassion family" she found the twins and was showing all of us! Even her brother who is in to fast cars... lol he was like TWINS? Cool.

Thanks for all you do...

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