Thursday, September 22, 2011

With Love, From Ghana: "Skuuk"

Meet Ginger.

Ginger may look like she's all "business", but trust me, nothing quite compared to her meeting the business end of a skunk a few months ago.

We had never experienced this before, much less with a golden retriever, known for their water repelling fur... how exactly do you get the skunk oils out of the undercoat?

Tip One: Immediately absorb as much of the oils as possible from the dog using paper towels, which you will then discard as far away from civilization as possible.

Tip Pew: Forget tomato juice. How many of y'all keep enough tomato juice on hand to float a large cruise ship anyway?

Tip Wheee: Skunks are nocturnal. Have the following supplies on hand in large quantities so that you won't have a midnight "run-out" after your pooch's "run-in" with PePe LePew. Peroxide, Baking Soda, Dish Detergent -- and these instructions taped to the inside of the cupboard door.

"You're paying attention, right?
'Cuz I doubt most dogs learn their lesson the first time. ." ~~ Ginger, 6

As you can imagine, it was quite an adventure, which we shared with our Compassion children in their letters that month.

Ato Sam's response was quite amusing:

"Ato says he was happy to hear from Jillian and the news that she shared with him about Ginger. Ato says from the story it seems Ginger was having fun with skuuk. Sam says Ginger smells bad but he says he believes that, in short time (I'd hate to imagine HIS definition of "long time", lol) the smell will go away. He says did you say it was not wise for Ginger to do that? Sam says Ginger did not know that this is what will happen. Ato says he believes Ginger will chase skuuk again, but it will take time for her to understand.

He says Jillian and you visited Rockwood Park to feed some wild animals? He says he is surprised about that and didn't they hurt you?"

Uhm, no, the chickadees and squirrels were very kind to us, especially since they knew we had seeds and nuts!

It seems as though we never run out of things to share with our Compassion children. Some just happen to be funnier than others!

What were some funny stories or responses you've experienced with your Compassion children through letters?