Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Be On Time, Valentine!

Valentine's Day has come and gone, all that's left are reminders that love should be celebrated daily, and of course, a sea of pink and red in the clearance aisle at your local department store.

Have you ever tried to find Valentines cards in December? Take my word for it, it's like trying to find the remote when you need it the most, or the keys when you're running late. Or some peace and quiet in the kitchen between the hours of 5 and 7pm :)

If you sponsor a Compassion child, you likely know that it takes roughly two months for the children to receive the letters. If you are planning to send them Valentines for February of 2012, pick them up on clearance this week, and tuck them away with your correspondence supplies.

They'll come in handy in, oh, December or so.

Makes you wish you picked up some Easter stickers last year, doesn't it? Because you know what they say about finding Easter stickers in February...


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Chipper said...

Great idea! Or...if you're a scrapbooker, you could make them! *wink*

JD said...

Tracie -- I had a feeling you'd say that! You, and Elizabeth, LOL!

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