Wednesday, February 09, 2011

With Love, From Ghana

("Letters To Africa" Photo credit: Teri-Adele Roberts)

Our precious Compassion son from Ghana has poured his heart out once again in another wonderful letter. Pages upon pages revealing his heart and his personality, each page drawing us closer to he and his family.

I can't imagine what we'd be missing out on if we didn't communicate with him on a regular basis. It really does build relationships and leads to such a beautiful experience.

Some of the highlights from his letter:

"... prays that may his words touch anyone who will read his letter to sponsor his fellow brothers and sisters who are in Compassion." He is making a difference, his prayers are being answered. Someone recently sponsored a little girl from Ato Sam's Compassion Center in Ghana!

"... he did not know that God will give him a sponsor who will love him like his real parents and even more than that." I did not know this either, but God knew!

"... when is your friend Tia coming to Africa again?" (Oh, it's so hard not to let him know the plans we have!!) "Ato Sam says in your letter you stated that you would love to come and visit his family someday. He says they are ready to receive you and have fun with you. He says he woul be much happy to see you face to face. He says that he prays that God should let it come to pass." November 2011 -- I pray he'll forgive me for not being able to tell him in advance :D I love how he words things... "they are ready to receive you..." "...prays that God should let it come to pass."

",,, says that how you found him was very wonderful. Sam Sam says that he was happy to learn that you first loved him before you found him and his is amazing. He says he also loves you because you first loved him. He says God should also love you more and let you prosper. Ato says you are his special mentor." God also loved us first... what a beautiful way to pay it forward! :o)

"He says the very first day that he got you as his sponsor child because the happiest day and it was Saturday (his favorite day). He says not only his family celebrated, but one of his project workers in addition to his friends who are close to him too were happy. He says he is proud to say that you are the best friend because you and your family love him so much. He says whenever he hears from you, he and his family become so happy in addition to the friends and the project workers." I love hearing stories like this from other Compassion websites, but I especially love hearing one from our very own sponsored son! I would have loved to be there. He had waited SO long for a sponsor.

"Ato says yes, where he fetches the water from is far from his house and he fetches water every day but for the Friday he fetches twice so that on Saturday, he may be able to attend the project center early." I'd love to know more information about this. How far? What kind of water source? Do other children in the family help with this as well?

"... when God permits and he grows up, he would like to be a building engineer in addition to playing football." -- my husband specializes in architectural engineering -- God really matched us beautifully, down to the smallest of details!

Ato Sam's prayers are for his words to reach many and inspire them to also sponsor his brothers and sisters in Christ and in Compassion... I'd be honored to let him know that once again, his prayers have been answered. Will you personally answer his prayer through sponsorship?

There is a little boy from Ato Sam's Compassion Center (Gh-316) who has been waiting even longer than Ato Sam waited.

Prince is 6 and a half, he has been waiting for more than 500 days.

500 days.

That's a long time to wait for a sponsor... will you answer his prayers and Ato Sam's? Will you be Prince's sponsor?

Prince is available on the Canadian website, but if you're not from Canada and would like to sponsor him, simply let me know, or contact Compassion Canada's office directly.

Here is the link:


Edited to add:

God delights in showing us His love through the hearts of children!

Last night, an impossibly adorable little girl from Texas asked her mom to help a child from Africa... she was adamant about it and as persistant as we all know little girls can be! ;) This morning, her mother read this post, saw Prince's profile, and she just knew...

Prayers were answered this morning... the prayers of a little girl from Texas, and prayers from Ato Sam and Prince in Ghana.


stewbie2 said...

Sent you a message on FB!!

Shebecomes said...

There are so many examples of God's love for his children, and his answers to prayer, in just this post. From the words of Ato Sam to the little girl in Texas and Prince, this post really really touched me. Thank you for sharing...through your obedience Prince has a sponsor. That is a beautiful thing :)

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