Friday, February 04, 2011

Friday Favorites

What an incredible week for blog posts...

Here were a few of my favorites:

What really happens when you give to the poor?
Ann Voskamp answers this ever so beautifully. If you have not taken a moment to read it, will you take a moment now?

Does living as a Christian in a world saturated with the secular leave you feeling as though you're straddling a fence? Tracie is journaling her way through the Bible. Her posts always make me pause in reflection and leave me hungry for more of His word. I am blessed to spend every Sunday evening under her leadership in our Bible Study group -- will you spend a moment with her too?

This post on time management is a powerful reminder to put life on "pause" and reflect on who directs our days, our time, our tasks... Us, others, or God? Has being "busy" become another idol?

This one will break your heart... are you willing to brave it and join Jesus on the mountaintop and pray for those living in conditions we may never be able to understand?

This one touched a tender place in my heart... for those of us who have felt like sparrows, or tenderly held one.

I'd love to hear what spoke to you this week, would you be willing to share?


Mallory said...

Well, this might be a little counterproductive to your point in this post, but your "Celebrating the Unseen" and "Master's Symphony" posts both really touched my heart. :) Love you dearly, friend.

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