Friday, September 16, 2011

Double Dose of Adorable!

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My best friend and I share the sponsorship of these two precious twin boys in Ghana. It has been a truly delightful experience!

Their names are George & George. Wait, no, really, you read that right. And not only do they have the same first name, they also have the same middle name.... and the same last name.

Looking at them, I can see how that would come in handy. Who can tell them apart? Just yell "George!" and you know you've got the right one :D

George & George with their mother.

It has been comical to receive their correspondence since their letters usually get so mixed up -- we get letters from each other's twin as often as we get letters from our own twin. Even the Compassion staff gets them mixed up!

We received this photo along with a thank you letter for a family gift we had sent several months ago. With the family gift, George & George's family received two cocoa plants from the nursery to plant and harvest for income. They also purchased two suits for the boys to wear to church.

Although their names are the same, they do each have a nickname -- Panyin & Kakra. We learned this week that these names are common in this region for twins. One means oldest born, one means youngest born.

Either way, in any region, these two are the definition of adorable. We look forward to meeting them in Ghana in November and loving on them. We've introduced them to the beloved Curious George books, and look forward to bringing them each a giggling Curious George stuffed animal to cuddle with!

Have you received sweet letters from your Compassion child lately? Do share!


Jessica said...

My girl from Ghana is called Kakra and it confused me for awhile because her name is listed as this really song totally other thing. Finally figured out she's a twin! :)

Them George's is so cute. :)

Bev Sykes said...

What's their last name? Foreman? (You do know that George foreman's kids are ALL named "George," even the girls, don't you?)

I received a great letter from my favorite of my children, even though he's only a correspondence kid. I wrote about it here:

Shebecomes said...

That is so funny (and confusing :) In elementary school I went to school with a boy named Yen. There were 9 sons in the family, all Yen.

Lysa said...

Oh they are soooo cute. I love your blog. So cool.


Jill Foley said...

They are so cute....I wonder if even the parents get them confused from time to time!

De said...

Wow, the George's are adorable! I have twin sons who are now 30, and I still (on occasion) get them mixed up. Such a cute idea that you are sending George and George the Curious George books. : )

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