Thursday, November 03, 2011

Eager Anticipation

We are presently two sleeps away from leaving for Ghana! It's been a busy time of preparations, packing, and praying.

Our itin will be as follows:

Nov 5th - Departure
Nov 6th - Arrival in Ghana
Nov 7th - GH316 all day, with Ato Sam and Tahameena
Nov 8th - GH880 with George & George (the twins), and GH220 with Precious, on behalf of Michelle Wright & Friends from Blogging From The Boonies
Nov 9th - Travel to Lake Volta region, where we will be working with the children who have been rescued, going out on the lake to meet the children still enslaved, visiting villages on the islands to meet with the slave masters and see where the children are kept.
Nov 16th or 17th - Travel to greater Accra area where we will be working more rescued children.
Nov 20th (late evening) - Flight home.
Nov 21st - Arrive home (late evening)
Nov 22nd (for me) - back to work. Can't promise I'll be coherent, though!

We do not know what to expect as far as having internet access at any point during our travels, but it is my plan to bring my laptop and prepare posts/photos so that once I have access, they can be posted efficiently.

While we are awaiting in eager anticipation
for our journey to Ghana,
7 precious children from Ghana wait too.

They are waiting for their sponsor to choose them.

These 7 children are the only children available for sponsorship from the Compassion Centers we will be visiting, all are from GH880 where George & George attend. They write their letters in English, as English is the language that is learned in the schools in Ghana. We are on a waiting list for available children from the other two centers, and will share as children become available.

Please take a moment to look through these profiles and see if one of them is the child you have been chosen for.

If you are interested in one particular child, simply comment below letting me know which child, and I will respond to make arrangements.

If anyone reading this speaks up for these children and becomes their sponsor before we leave for Ghana on Saturday morning, there is a possibility that we will be able to present the news of sponsorship to your child while we're there -- imagine the joy!?

(Click on the photos to see them in full size)
Perpetual, Dec 27 2001

Bright, March 11 2002

Portia, June 25 2003

Esther (Kukua), May 19 2004

Godfred (Kweku), May 18 2005

Mavis (Ama), April 1 2006

Deborah, July 2 2007

As always, if you'd like more information or you have any questions, feel free to email me at