Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Ghana: Day 5 -- I like tacos!

Since we arrived late the previous night and Touch A Life hadn't been able to connect with us since we didn't have a cell phone or internet access the first two days, our travel to the Lake Volta area was postponed until Thursday, Nov 10th.

We'll be leaving shortly, at 2am Ghana time.

The day today was spent re-organizing luggage, getting a cell phone, and getting ready to go.

Please pray for our travel today.  We will be offline until the 16th.

Joshua is learning the art of avoiding pushy salespeople on the streets of Accra.  He has taken to pretending he doesn't speak English.  Not a problem, since he is fluently French.  I've suggested he speak slang to make sure they don't understand him.

Today's responses (in French) to "please, sir, buy this":

"I like tacos."
"I have smelly pockets."
"My name is Gutenberg."
"Why did the chicken cross the road?"

He cracks us all up.