Sunday, November 27, 2011

Ghana: Day 13 -- Wares & Worship

Our very first taste of vendors and artists selling their wares wasn't at the Africa Market, but somewhere unexpected...  the beach.

One vendor had a number of beautiful oil paintings rolled up under his arms, and the moment we expressed curiosity about his artwork, he unrolled them all right then and there on the beach, one by one, in the sand.

I found several I liked, especially one of a tall, elegant African woman bent low, doing laundry in the cool blue water of a river.  I knew as soon as I saw it that it was meant to belong to my mother, so we negotiated the price for that one, as well as three others.

Meanwhile, Tia brought out her guitar and started playing worship songs with Joseph, the worship leader who had accompanied the Jasmunds to the beach with us.

As we wrapped up our purchases, the vendors, who would normally only stay in order to pressure us into more sales, stayed behind to listen and join in on the impromptu worship session.

Yet another reason it would be so difficult to leave...