Saturday, November 26, 2011

Ghana: Perpetual Hope

On Tuesday, November 8th, 2011, our group spent the afternoon in a small community about 50km north east of Cape Coast at a Compassion project that is near and dear to my heart.  

This is the community where our twins, George and George, live, go to school, and reap the benefits of their sponsorship through the Compassion program. 

The arrival of the Compassion program in this village has made a tremendous impact on the families of this community.

Given that this project only began in Dec of 2010, the progress this community has already seen is amazing.  When the project registered its first 200 children, only 19 were going to school.  Now, all 200 go.  The children are healthier, stronger, and have their basic needs met through the Compassion program, including health care, nutritious meals, academic support, classes for parents, access to clean water, and much more.  

The project is in need of a piece of land and a building for the children to gather on Saturdays, because their current meeting place is only sporadically available.  I pray that upon my return to Ghana in 2012, I will be standing in the new building that God will provide them.  As they say in Ghana, let it come to pass, Amen!

Our twins, George & George (Panyin & Kakra)

On the day we visited, 43 children were still awaiting sponsors.  This is a very high number of unsponsored children for a Compassion project.  It's more typical to see less than 10 children per project waiting for sponsors.  

Since then, one of those children, Perpetual, has been chosen for sponsorship by a dear friend.  Perpetual turns 10 in December, and I can't imagine a greater gift for her upcoming birthday than knowing she has been chosen after waiting nearly a year.

Compassion has provided me with a few of the children from GH880 waiting for sponsors -- their profiles are listed below.

God willing, I will be returning to Ghana in 2012.  Is one of the following children calling your name?  Will I be visiting one of these children on your behalf the next time I'm in Ghana?    

Bright, March 11 2002

Portia, June 25 2003

Esther (Kukua), May 19 2004

Godfred (Kweku), May 18 2005

Robert (Kwame), March 11, 2005

Mavis (Ama), April 1 2006

Deborah, July 2 2007

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